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What’s the latest in the computer world?

This is: The Coffee Table That Changed The World

The coffee Table That Will Change The World- What It Can Do

Wireless communication with object on the surface of Milan is handled using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas (Future versions may incorporate RFID and Near Field Communications) Also something of interest may be that Milan’s Operating System (OS) Is a modified version of Windows Vista.


What’s all the hoopla about Bluetooth anyway? It’s extremely hard to set up a Bluetooth connection consisting of at least fifteen plus steps. But with the new upgrade it should consist of as little only three steps. In 2008 Bluetooth will be replaced by Bluetooth 3.0 code-named Seattle. The new version is expected to integrate ultra-wide band technology, meaning that Seattle should be a whopping 228 times faster than it’s predecessor.

Some problems you could have while out using your computer are the free public wireless access points. Anyone could be on there so it’s a serious opening for any hacker. You can solve this be having a security suite or by using the Yoggie Pico The website tells you a lot a bout it so I wont bother.

There are ideas out there that are great. One such idea would be this one
This is a good idea with a few faults. One fault, that was mentioned in the comment part, would be that the technology wouldn’t know what to focus on, there would be to many things to choose from.
There is a very cool technology called Lincoln from Microsoft where you can take a picture (some restrictions apply) then upload it and search for a description. At least that’s what I think happens but I’m not sure. It is still in development so it’s only available in IE (surprise surprise).



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