A lot of people use technical support, (I just did for the first time a couple of weeks ago.) My mom’s computer wasn’t working.
The computer would occasionally boot up, if it didn’t then it would just come on to a blank black screen. (there’s a difference between the turned off black and the black right after you hit the power button and before anything comes up on the screen. It was the kind of black) With a little gray line. When it did start, it would start, the fan would run really high, and the the computer would shut down. I had a theory that the fan was broken. (the computer had been occasionally turning off when a fairly good amount of processing power was required. I thought this because the CPU would heat up and the fan, not working, and the computer sensing the CPU getting hotter would turn off as a safety measure.) I went on my computer and went to Dell Support Chat (I had to use IE, see my page The little things I hate about Microsoft For more info on that) and they told me, after a long time on there, that it was the LCD screen. Let’s rewind. “.there’s a difference between the turned off black and the black right after you hit the power button and before anything comes up on the screen.” Yep. I didn’t understand that. Especially the fact the there was something appearing on the screen. I told the support person that numerous time so it did know that it was happening. We took it to Geek Squad and they told us that it was the mother board. I guess it could have been the mother board, (they charged us $50 to tell us that. For future reference.)
They would have charged us about $500 for them to fix it for us. We then took it into a Dell service place and the guy that worked there told us that all they did was take out the keyboard and look in and run a few scans. He also said that it could be the motherboard but quickly ruled out the hard drive etc. The laptop is in the store currently as he is checking it out. He is doing this for free. Not for $50.

You can download the Dell Support conversation Dell Support Conversation

Before you go and contact Dell support or whatever you use try Help and support found under Start on the right side.


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