Productivity Suite (office suites)

I have some version of Office (I think 2000) on my computer and some of Office 2003. I thought it was great, and it is, but it takes up a lot of space. I run a office suite called OpenOffice off of my flash drive. The program is about the same. It can handle and create .doc files, .ppt files and basically everything else Microsoft Office does. As you can see it’s much much smaller than Microsoft Office. It works fine, it doesn’t look great but neither does anything besides Microsoft Office. I have nothing against Microsoft Office but it take up to much space. If your tight on money and need an Office suite go with OpenOffice. There’s nothing wrong with any online office programs except the online part. You would have to be online to use them. If you don’t have internet connection then what?

You’ve probably heard a lot about alternatives to Microsoft Office. Some of which might include OpenOffice.org, Google Docs (beta).
I thought Microsoft Office was overrated until recently. I was fiddling around with Microsoft Office and I found the Open Office Document icon. I decided to try it out. Once it was opened I was amazed at all the options! There were numerous features that I hadn’t even heard about, One such feature was the WebPage Wizard. Some people pay a lot of money for FrontPage, the only difference I can decide on without using FrontPage. Other features include ready made PowerPoint based WebPages. Visual Basic! I run OpenOffice Portable on my flash drive. It has a similar feature to Open Office Document but it only lets me Open a new Word, PowerPoint, Excel-just the basic stuff. Nothing like the Open Office Document for Microsoft.

Out Of Office? This is a good article to read about alternatives to Office.

Here’s a chart comparing Office Suites.

I am downloading Microsoft Office 2007 Standard right now. We’ll see what it’s like.

I just got the 2007 Office suite (Standard edition) today and It’s not all great. It’s OK but I would give it a 2 out of 5 so far.

It looks great but I think it was made for a more Vista ready machine. It looks like a Vista ad-on anyway.
It’s hard on the CPU usage to. I was running Microsoft Word 2007, I was running through the different ways to view it the page, and when I got to the Full Screen Reading page it just about froze. I say just about because it was shaking all over, it looked like someone on Windows Live Messenger was sending Microsoft Word a nudge. I downloaded the Office 2007 SP1 (Service Pack 1) so I’m going to try the Full Screen Reading pane again and see if it doesn’t mess up again. I then had to totally shut the computer down because I couldn’t do anything. Including ending the process in Windows Task Manager.

Well I tried it again and it did the same thing but when I tried to close it it actually closed. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another Office SP and just not use that pane. At least this time a SP did something, eh?


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