On my page Things To Be Aware Of I talk about downloading music from Limewire. I used to use Limewire but it’s full of Spyware and Virus’s. Read my full page Things To Be Aware Of Here. And besides, I couldn’t find all the music I wanted. You don’t always have to download the music (though it is much more convenient). I am currently playing some music from Songza.com. You can create play lists and everything there. It appears to have a fairly wide selection of music as I found songs there I couldn’t find at download.com. Rhapsody is okay, the give you a free play of 25 songs or 30 second samples. You can get a 30-day free trail at Rhapsody Here Just click on 30-day free trail. Yahoo! music only gives you 30 second samples, TuneSquare.com only had a limited selection of music. I wasn’t very happy with that. But Songza.com has a great selection of music. Althoug you can’t download any of the music you can at least listen to it.


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