General Reading

General reading.

Turn It Off Kids! Definitely a good article concerning technology these days. Here’s a good comic strip concerning the subject. View the image below

Gmail accounts disabled by mistake That would really be bad if you used Gmail. How do you shut down a huge service like that? someone must have really messed up.

Scientist builds robot using moth brain Either moths are really smart or technology is really good these days. I think it’s the latter option. With quad core PCs (not that it helps. See my page How many cores do you really need? Then maybe my page Buying a computer)

A PC at Every Airline Seat This would really be nice, I recently flew from Florida to Minnesota Vodeo and voice calls over the internet For a full story on that) And I was bored out of my mind both ways. Who wants to fly two plus hours watching a movie you can’t hear, or watching High School Musical, with or without sound the movie still stinks.

Update: Symantec Screwup Is ‘Worse Than Any Virus’ Lucky I didn’t have any problems with that. I have Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition and I didn’t notice any problems so maybe it only affected some.

7 fun things IT support wants to keep quiet Definitely a good article to read, many loop hole you can find while at work or at home. Loop holes are so much fun.

What’s a Virtual Machine? A genius idea. Vista has one built in so that you can run XP apps in Vista (I think but I’m not sure) so that’s a good feature.

This is definitely a good website to read, with articles ranging form How can I change another person’s password? to Why wont Telstra give me a plan? You can visit the site Here

I thought this was a funny ad in PC Magazine.


Jumping Through EULA Hoops This is a good article concerning end-user license agreements (EULAs).
Facebook Kills All Your Memories This is a good article if your a person that keeps their email as a kind of journal. I plan to start doing this but watch out for “Stickiness” See article for details.





This is how some believe Vista was made. Who is to know?



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