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Making your computer run faster.

I’ve had a dell 9300 INSPIRON for about two years, The battery has died already. It started out with two plus hours of battery life, now having none. That’s because the Dell batteries that come in the PC originally are only made to last two years. That’s cheep.

Awhile ago I came across some programs called AdAware and CCleaner. These two programs really boosted my computers speed once I had run them. They delete all the junk on my computer such as Spyware and many other things like that. The first time I had run these CCleaner picked up five plus giga bytes of junk on my computer slowing me down. AdAware found a couple hundred Spyware files that were clogging up the system also. You can download CCleaner and AdAware here:

Download CCleaner

Download AdAware

One day I ran AdAware after checking my email in IE7 and guess what? It found 22 cookies, just from checking my email, nothing else, in there from IE7. That’s really bad. I’ve been having a few problems with AdAware lately. AdAware froze up in the middle of a scan multiple times so I just un installed it and re installed it from download.com. Crude, but effective.

Get rid of that junk!

Today I was going through the Change or Remove Programs window and I saw numerous J2SE Runtime Environment _._ Update __
There were numbers in the blank spots but the point being that there were about five of those.
One was J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 11 and other were all ones like J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6 or J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 9 etc. So I went and poked around to see if I really needed all of those. Well it turns out that you don’t. You just need the latest one.
That’s the same with the Java(TM) _ Update _

Zip Drives

I currently have two flash drives (zip drives as I call them) but anyway. Whenever I plugged one or more of them in an AutoPlay window came up asking what I wanted to do. Well here’s how to fix that.

  1. First, plug your zip drive in
  2. Now go under My Computer and right click your zip drive, now scroll down until you see Properties and click it
  3. Now click on the tab AutoPlay
  4. You should now see a window with a drop down menu, a window with some program icons in it and two check circles under Actions
  5. Click on and select Select an action to preform:
  6. Now in the window click on the action you want to happen whenever you plug in your zip drive.
  7. Now click on Apply BEFORE YOU CLICK Okay or none of the changes you made will take effect

Though don’t worry, you can go back and change your choice whenever you feel the need.

Also while your here in this window you can click on the other tab Tools don’t worry though, your changes will be there when you get back. Now you can click Defragement Now… though it doesn’t really help.

XP Help And Support

Apple Support Apple Support Homepage. You’ll probably need a this if you use a Mac or anything made by Apple.

Repair Your Mac You’ll probably need a lot of this.

Apple Shortcut Keys It’s confusing, there’s a CTRL key and a Apple key. If you have been using a PC and you use the CTRL+C to copy you have to use the Apple key+C to copy. Same with Paste, Cut etc etc. Use the Apple key instead of the CTRL key.

Upgrades And Useful Programs

NetStumbler. It remains one of the tools of choice among war drivers, (according to PC Magazine) (people who cruise around in their cars with a laptop and high-gain antenna, scavenging unsecured wireless bandwidth). The NetStumbler utility shows access points, SSIDs, channels, and whether WEP is enabled. A separate screen displays signal strength. NetStumbler connects to a GPS so that you can accurately log the location of access points.


A nice thing to know is how much memory you have, you just right click on your drive C:\ scroll down until you see “properties” and there you have a pie chart with your used and free memory. Much easier than this.

Microsoft Shortcut Keys Maybe these will be useful if you can remember any of them.

This Is A Good Article To Read

Fix your friends’ PCs in five easy steps
This will help some of us who do that kind of thing.

The best backup solutions
It’s high time I did that, but yet, I haven’t and it looks like I wont be for awhile.

System Configuration Utility
To access the System Configuration utility just follow the following directions. If you don’t know what the System Configuration utility then don’t use it. It could seriously mess up your system.

  1. Open the Start Menu and click Run.
  2. Type in (and these characters are not case sensitive) MSCONFIG into the Run box and click OK.

You know see tabs in this order and I have somewhat of an explanating of what they contain along with the name:

General tab.

This tab just lets you decide how you want to load your operating system. From Normal Startup to Selective Startup.


Settings for your system. Usually you wont want to mess with this tab unless you know what you’re doing.


This also includs settings for your system but the options are closer to what we sue everyday as computer users including [fonts] [files] etc.


Contains the file path and the portion of your hard drive to boot off of.


This is almost like Windows Task Manager, it shows you what services are runnin, not just the processes which is nice. You can also disable the programs if you choose be un-checking the program.

Startup tab.

Your computer might be running slowly and you can change that in the Startup tab. Just open in and you’ll see a host of programs that run when you boot your computer. Some you don’t need but some you do so be sure to look up what that specific process does at startup before totally deleting it.


This is like a dictionary of programs you (and I) didn’t even know existed. You can run any of them by clicking on any name of a program and clicking Launch.

If you went in and checked out the System Configuration utility you would have seen a whole bunch of programs under the Startup tab. You were probably wondering which of these are safe to get rid of. Well you can check out Google searching “what is _____?” or you can click Here and look it up at that website. That website will tell you, once you’ve found what your looking for, if it’s a security risk to if it’s a important system file. Just make sure you use the Ctrl+F shortcut (Find) to find out where the specific program is in the almost never ending list. If it’s not there then you’ll just have to go to Google and search “what is _____?”, Savvy?

Viewing a page in your sidebar is so cool! Very hand too if your trying to find a reference or searching for something. Here are the instructions.


This only works in Mozilla Firefox

Click Bookmarks again and choose Organize Bookmarks. Scroll down to a bookmark and click once to select it. Click Properties. Select the Load This Bookmark In The Sidebar check box. Click OK and then close the Bookmarks Manager.

Back in the main browser window, click Bookmarks and select your new bookmark from the list. The sidebar immediately pops into view on the left. If you try to open a link it automatically opens it in a new tab.

Customize your mouse pointers.

1. Click Start and open Control Panel.
2.Click Appearance and Themes
3.Under See Also click Mouse Pointers
4.On the Pointers tab do one of the following:

  • To switch all of your pointers at once click on the Schemes list and try out some of the options.
  • If you want to change them one by one then click on one, click Browse, click on the desired pointer, hourglass etcetra and click Apply. Do the same with all the rest you want to change.

5.Click Apply and then OK to close the procedure.


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