PC V.S Mac

PC V.S Mac videos.

This video is extremely funny!

Here’s an ad for PC V.S Mac. You see all the ads where Mac is better than PC but here’s it the other way around.

PC V.S Mac V.S Linux videos.

Here’s a link to a website with four videos comparing PC, Mac and Linux. Enjoy!
PC V.S Mac V.S Linux

PC Commercial.

These are some funny ads against Vista mostly but some against the PC.

Bad Vista Reviews, Get a Mac.
Happy New Year.
Give up on Vista.
Coolest banner ad ever.

This is one of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen.


This is a pie chart showing what percentage of computers run what OS.




PC V.S Mac.

First I just want to state that I don’t hold a grudge against the Mac computer, or Apple in general (I might buy an iPod sometime soon.) It’s just that I, for one, think that using a PC is better than a Mac. Just wanted to clarify that.

There are many different opinions on this subject, most being PC is better than Mac. Some do think that because they’ve only used a PC before. I speak from experience as I’ve used both a PC and a Mac. I personally think that the PC is much better than a Mac by far. Some say the Mac is better than the PC because there’s almost no Virus’s created for the Mac. Well that’s because 1. there isn’t half as much software created for the Mac as the PC. If you go to most websites there wont be an option for downloading the software for a Mac. That’s because of my second reason. Maybe one of the reasons that a Mac is more secure than a PC is because a smaller percentage of people use a Mac. If there were more people using a Mac then there would be more of an advantage for hackers to exploit loopholes. 2. Most people run a PC over a Mac. Mostly graphics professionals run a Mac. That doesn’t mean it’s better than a PC, it just means that they chose to use a Mac instead of a PC. Even those who run both a Mac and PC probably find themselves coming back to using a PC just because there’s some software on their PC that isn’t on the Mac. 3. No right click on a Mac. Most Mac mouses have to right clicker. Think of how many times you use your the right click feature. You can get around this but it’s still cumbersome. Some don’t like Microsoft’s PC’s for whatever reason, maybe because they think that their support isn’t what it could be or maybe you just don’t like how they work. So maybe your viewing this page from a Lenovo PC, a IBM PC, or maybe a Mac. Well I really haven’t worked on a Mac very much (I Have but not to very much extent) but it sure looks a lot like Vista (Microsoft’s new OS). Some people say that Vista copied some of the features that Mac has had for a log time. This might be true. It’s odd. It looks a lot like Vista, it seems so have the same software problems you will be hard pressed to find certain software for either OS. This will mend as soon as there’s enough percent of people running Vista or Mac to make it worthwhile to make their software for Vista or Mac also. and it seems to have the same, supposedly “bad” support as the Microsoft’s OS’s. (See Scobleizer’s webpage below for more details) Maybe I’m wrong in saying that but it’s sure what I think. Check out this Mac review from Scobleizer at Scobleizer’s web page It sure seems like he has had a pretty bad time with Apple.

If you go to CNET Reviews and search for Mac all the results will come up pretty high, the same for the PC.

Why Mac and Linux are the most secure, it’s because, this is from a PC Magazine article, “… The bottom-line question is: Which OS keeps you the safest? Printer analyst M. David Stone puts is this way: “Let’s say I came up with a new OS tomorrow with no security features. If hardly anyone adopted it, those who did would be almost completely safe from attack. No one would bother attacking it.” Therefore the safest OSs are certainly Mac OS and almost any version of Linux. For now…”
Maybe you still want to go with a Mac, okay. your choice. Here’s an articles explaining how to make the switch from PC to Mac

One of my friends, who’s run a Mac almost all his life bought a PC and definitely likes it better than the Mac.

Leopard is Apple’s most successful OS ever. Analyst reports huge sales of newest Mac OS X. This is understandable but they probably said the same thing about Vista awhile ago. Maybe not. It could just be another Vista. Who knows? only time will tell.

Apple patches fix Mac OS X & Safari 3 beta. Update includes 31 patches for Apple’s OS Safari is still a contender in the web browser game, even if just be a little.

Can I put OS X (Apple’ new operating system Leopard on my PC? No you can’t. The new Mac computers run on the same sorts of Intel processors that Microsoft’s PC’s run on, but the Mac operating system will only run on a Mac PC. You can run Windows XP on a mac though. See the following page: Boot Camp. Run Windows on your Mac. The only problem with that is that most all of the external things you hook to your PC will only hook to a PC and not a Mac. I don’t want to have to go around carrying ten cords just so I can hook up a flash drive and what not. That’s one of the things that’s holding me back from buying one. Among other reasons.

Breaking Down the Walls Between Mac OS X and Windows

If you want to try the Mac OS but don’t want to buy a Apple computer then try this: gOS gOS looks a lot like the Mac OS. You can run it on top of XP too so enjoy.

You may use Apple Boot Camp to run XP on your Mac computer. Here’s a review of the Apple Boot Camp

This is a pie chart from Marketcahre.com

You can see the original graph Here

I recently got this info from a site called ars technica The comments are a great part of the site to read.

First. Why do I need five different IM or VoIP programs? Sure I would want Microsoft Messenger (Windows Messenger probably) and maybe AOL and possibly Skype. But Apple iChat? ICQ? who needs them? most people will be using MS Messenger or AOL if anything. It looks like the Mac OS is just as bloated as Vista.

As you can see from the following chart Vista supposedly has the best security. Better than Mac and Linux! That’s gotta be hard to get, I mean, not very much software is created for the Mac (See my page Security for more details) but even less for Linux. And this is because, as I’ve said before, the only reason is that because more people use a Mac, there isn’t as much profit for hackers o exploit holes in it. Just like Linux.

Security Graph. XP, Vista, Linux, Mac etcetra.

Well. This page is supposed to convince you to buy a Mac so let’s see.
Apple-Get a Mac

Let’s talk about them a number at a time.

1. So let’s review. “…Beneath the surface of Mac OS X lies an industrial-strength UNIX foundation hard at work to ensure that your computing experience remains free of system crashes and compromised performance…” So the Mac’s a eddited once and again version of Linux? Ooh. Strike one. The fact the it’s based off of Linux, Hmm. Most people don’t use Linux because there isn’t as much software. Here, Mac’s OS IS a Linux operating system but it’s okay to use the Mac OS (which we’ve established as a Linux or UNIX if you want to be technical) because it’s called Mac not Linux or UNIX.
“…Of course, should you happen to experience the occasional hiccup with your Mac, you won’t get the runaround. Because Apple makes the whole enchilada, one phone call — or better yet, one visit to the friendly Genius Bar at your local Apple Store — can solve both hardware and software problems in one fell swoop…” Well this isn’t what happened to Scobleizer now is it? He had continual problems with his and his sons Mac. Strike two.
It says “UNIX. The UNIX you know. The Mac you love. Well then. So they aren’t attempting to hide the fact the the Mac’s OS is a modified version of Linux, and that’s exactly why there’s 1. not as much more software for the Mac and 2. It’s more secure than the PC. They even show you how to Move to a Mac.

2.”…On the PC, you can find any number of photo applications, music software, DVD authoring packages, jukebox programs, and web creation tools. And if you don’t like the wares of one developer, another one has a package with just as many features. Maybe more. And therein lies the problem. You can purchase lots of separate programs from different PC developers, and any one of them may have features similar to those you’ll find in one of the iLife applications. But how many of those applications work hand in glove together? How easily can you transfer photos you used in a photo book to burn onto a DVD or incorporate as a still in a movie or quickly add to a blog? They may work pretty well apart. But how well do they work together?…” I totally agree with that statement. It’s definitely something Microsoft should work on. Although Microsoft does have Microsoft Office. And this is one thing I noticed. The iLife suite seems to be focusing on Media not necessarily Word processing, presentation etc.. and that’s because the Mac doesn’t have anything like Microsoft Office. But oh, yeah, they make a version of Microsoft Office for the Mac. Hmm, wonder why.

3. “…Today’s Mac is powered by the latest Intel processors. So, in addition to running the award-winning, super-powerful, super-easy Mac OS X, a new Mac gives you the option to run other operating systems, including Windows XP and the new Vista. All it takes is a licensed copy of the alternate OS and software like VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac. With its ability to run additional operating systems, the Mac can run more applications than any PC on the planet…” Okay. So. To run a Windows OS, that you can run on a PC, that comes with a PC, you have to 1. buy a new OS disk. 2. You will also have to buy VMware Fusion or parallels Desktop for Mac. Well. Thy only reason that Mac is more secure than the PC is because 1. not as many people run a Mac which means that it would be in hackers better interest to hack a PC 2. Mac’s run a Linux OS which is very secure. So this makes it stupid to buy a Mac, buy something to run XP or Vista and then Buy XP or Vista. “…Though the Mac stands alone in power and simplicity, it’s also the world’s most compatible computer…” Right. But once you start running a Microsoft OS on there you’re just as vulnerable as if you were running a PC. It’s just better and cheaper to buy a PC over a Mac.

4. “…Connecting a PC to the Internet using factory settings is like leaving your front door wide open with your valuables out on the coffee table. A Mac, on the other hand, shuts and locks the door, hides the key, and stores your valuables in a safe with a combination known only to you. You have to buy, configure, and maintain such basic protection on a PC…” I bet that’s what was said about the PC until hackers decided to target the most used computer platform. “…On a Windows PC, software (both good and evil) can change the system without your even knowing about it. In order for software to significantly modify Mac OS X, you have to type in your password. You’re the decider. You approve changes to your system…” Okay. Well then. This might be possible with a PC but not as far as I know. “…People attempting to break into computers may disguise a malicious program as a picture, movie, or other seemingly harmless file. You might download such files from the web or get them via mail or chat. A PC just blindly downloads them without a peep. A Mac, however, will let you know that you may be getting a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Mac web browser, Safari, can tell the difference between a file and a program, and alerts you whenever you’re downloading the latter…” This is easy. All you have to do is download a program like LinkScanner Lite and then follow it’s guidance. Then once the files downloaded scan it. Done. “…it’s simple to update a Mac with the latest advances. By default, a Mac checks for updates weekly. For pure peace of mind, you can set a Mac to download security updates automatically. Apple digitally signs the updates, so you can be sure they come from a trusted source…” Yes now that’s called Automatic Updates on a PC. Amazing isn’t it? “…To get a sense of just how big the virus problem is, search for “virus” at both Apple and Microsoft. Compare the number of results. What’s more, the 100 most virulent attacks cause 99.9% of damage from malicious software. None of these attacks work on Mac OS X. Don’t you deserve such protection?…” I’ve heard people say “I don’t want a million bad results, just one good result” This could be how it is at Microsoft but I doubt it. Just because you get more results at Apple at Microsoft doesn’t mean anything. That’s called searching for an answer. New concept I guess.

5. “…While Vista does its best to copy some features that have been in Mac OS X for years, Mac OS X offers an experience that is simply years ahead. It’s designed to make the time you spend at your computer not only productive, but enjoyable — not exactly the kind of experience PCs are known for…” Yep exactly. I hate being on a PC where I can go to any website with downloadable software, including Apple and download any software I need. Ooh I hate PC’s NOT! (Not all people pick up on sarcasm)
“…Mac OS X knows when to get out of your way, allowing you to work or create without distraction. It also knows how to spring into action when you need it. Spotlight, for example, is always there to help you find that elusive file hiding somewhere in your computer. It shows search results literally as you type — in emails, contacts, PDFs, images, calendars, and applications…” Well that’s called the Search feature on the PC. Just because it doesn’t show results as you type shouldn’t mean too much. Though it would be nice.
“…Unlike Vista, which comes in four distinct flavors at four distinct prices, each with its own distinct set of features (and each in 32- and 64-bit dialects), there’s only one Mac OS X. It runs on every Mac. With a full set of features. That’s just the way things are in the land of Mac — simple and straightforward…” That would be nice, to be able to got to a store, buy Vista and know that it will run on any PC I have. Not having to go out and buy a new PC just to have Vista.

6. “…We’ve measured new Macs to be up to seven times faster than previous generations…” That’s probably because the Mac OS is based off of Linux which runs much faster than XP or Vista. “…You’ll notice the speed for all the things you do… even launching programs and scrolling long web pages…” Well first off about the webpages. The speed of you scrolling a long webpage would be as fast as your finger can move the scroll wheel.

7. No comments worth mentioning.

8.Well iChat sounds like Skype.

9. No Comments

10. More fun with Photo’s. We already went through this.

11. Same thing. Already did it.

12. It sounds really easy to make a website with iWeb but how much control over the look, after choosing a template, will you have?

13. Done it.

14. Did it.

15. Done it.

Well this concludes this discussion for a bit.

This says You can even run Windows software. Well okay. This was one of the things that I thought about when I said I didn’t want a Mac.

Well after last night I am having second thoughts. Let’s have a discussion.

So. Mac is a modified version or Linux. Which explains why it’s 1. Very secure and 2. why there aren’t very many program made for it. It can run programs from the PC too. That’s probably a big thing for most people, but it’s probably fairly hard, including a Virtual PC or Boot Camp. Sounds good. Another thing. It said all Mac computer could run OS X. They wont have to buy a new computer. That’s big HUGE. You don’t have to buy a new computer. Microsoft should definitely incorporate that into it’s next OS. That’s probably why Vista didn’t sell so well and OS X did. There is only one version of the Mac OS’s with all the features. That’s also something Microsoft should incorporate. One thing that might ward people away from the Mac is the price. Mac’s have been known to cost more than a PC.
Mac Myths
If I go to the Apple website and click “Downloads” there’s a button for Mac users and PC users! Oooohkay. On the Apple website there’s an option to download all the software on a PC Oooohkay.

Computer Buying Guide-PC vs Macintosh

Mac vs Windows website

From what I got out of This blog I think that you can say that the Mac isn’t half as secure than everyone thinks it is. Check out this website to: ZDNet.


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