IE7 V.S Mozilla Firefox

This is a pie chart of all the Browsers and their market shares.


A smaller percentage of people use Firefox but that might be because IE comes pre-installed on a PC. That’s why Firefox is more secure. If there were more people using Firefox then there would be more of an advantage for hackers to exploit loopholes.

Well first off I had used IE7 for awhile before switching to Mozilla Firefox for security reasons. See Security Announcement by Mozilla.org. Thinking that maybe Mozilla might just be trying to promote it’s product? Read the two following articles also. This article is from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team Microsoft Internet Explorer does not properly validate source of redirected frame This following article is from secunia.com Microsoft Internet Explorer Multiple Vulnerabilities

I would also add that I was running Internet Explorer 6 (I think it was at the time) when I acquired two virus’s from Miniclip.com. I wont ever know that if I was running Mozilla Firefox if I wouldn’t have gotten those virus’s. One thing though. As you can see from the chart IE is much more popular than Firefox. That might be why Firefox’s security is better. If there was more of a profit in hacking Firefox then IE would be more secure. There’s no way to always keep something secure. That’s because by the time it’s discovered and added to a definition file, downloaded to your PC, the particular piece of malware or Spyware or Virus is infected a fairly good amount of PCs!

You might also be interested in reading IE7 flaw, or not? From Cnet.com. If you searched Internet Explorer 7 you’d find that the top rating was 7.0. If you’d search Mozilla Firefox the top rating is 8.3. Big difference.
It’s not that I have anything against Microsoft, I use their computers, but some of their products aren’t as good as they could be.

Well today I ran AdAware after checking my email in IE7 and guess what? It found 22 privacy risk cookies, just from checking my email, nothing else, in there from IE7. That’s really bad.

What’s safer: Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Gates hammered over IE 8.0 secrecy. Web developers want Internet Explorer updates I definitely want updates so I can stay on top of my game but I wont go asking and complaining about it. I was still exploring IE7 (somewhat, I had already built the first draft of this website on there) when I switched to Mozilla Firefox. IE7 is somewhat confusing though. I guess it can’t be helped if you want a fully functional browser though.

There is one great feature of IE7 though, it the Save Target As option. (If you’re using IE7 to find this feature right click on a link and scroll down until you see “Save Target As” option and click it. You might have some problem saving it though. On some websites you can but only on some.)

Download Firefox 3 Beta 2. This version is mainly for developers, not exactly for the general public. I for one am going to wait fo the bugs to be worked out until I download it but you can download it Here. Read PC Mag’ review Here.

I ran AdAware for about 25 minutes and it found a privacy risk cookie just from going to songza.com and trying to use the Save Target As feature to save one of there songs. For future reference it didn’t work.

This was said on DailyTech.com
“…which highlight the improvements found in IE7 that would help the browser regain competitiveness against a more full-featured Firefox browser…”

Problems In Recent IE Cumulative Update I used to use IE. I have used IE4, IE5, IE6 and IE7 and I haven’t had any problems with IE yet. I still use IE7 and older versions on others computers and one mine every once in awhile. IE7 is still a good browser, even if it’s slow, looks similar to Vista and it’s security isn’t what it could be. Tabs were definitely a good choice by Microsoft, you could download tabs from other places but it looked better when they were built in. Internet Explorer 8 beta nears release But I guess it wont be long before IE8 will be coming out. We’ll just have to see what it brings.

I would like to say that I can view every website in Mozilla Firefox that I could it IE7, IE6 and so on. I can view HTML pages I created just fine. Though another thing is that I can’t go into Internet Options (Options for Mozilla Firefox users) and open the cookies and Temporary internet files strait from there. I have to know exactly where I am to find the folder. Though IE7 lacks the master password feature I still think it’s a great browser.

Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 3.

I recently HAD this on my computer and it was really bad. There was one really cool feature called Smart Bookmarks though. It recorded the last pages I visited along with the ones I visited most recently. If you like to be on the cutting edge the sure get this but it your still content with Firefox 2 then wait till all the kinks are worked out.

Now I would like to share some wisdom. Probably the only reason I found so many problems with IE and none for Firefox is because I only looked for the problems in IE, not Firefox. Had I looked for Firefox problems then I would have found some there to.

The only reason I’m using Mozilla Firefox is because I heard it had better security. Now let’s think about this. I dumped IE7 for Firefox. That’s like moving to a Mac because it has better security. There’s virtually no difference! I think I will definitely move back to IE once IE8 comes out, or at least try IE8 out.

Lately I’ve been having problems with Firefox, It’s been crashing regularly.

Okay now this is getting ridiculous, Firefox crashed about five times already, and it’s only 6:4_ AM! (Ignore my timestamps, they’re not acurate) it’s to early for this. If Firefox keeps crashing I might have to go back to IE. That’s what I’m using now.


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