Buying a computer.

Buying a computer. What type, PC or a Mac and what OS (Operating System)

The Hidden Costs Of Cheap PCs This is a good article showing that no matter how cheep the PC (or Mac) it will add up to just about as much or more in the long run.

Another option you have is to build a computer. You can do this in many ways. The best way is to go to a website (such as HowStuffWorks.com) so you don’t mess up on some $300 part. I guess it’s up to you, and your schedule. This would work okay but then it has to be a desktop. Desktops are bigger and although they cost less the use more energy than a laptop making up the difference in a five year span or time.

The Perfect PC 2007 This is really cool. The perfect PC though. Well first we would have to have the software to take advantage of that kind of hardware which seems a long way away.  This brings me to article I wrote called “My Plan For Multi Cores” which you can read below.

My plan for Multi cores.

You might have read a similar article on my website from John C Dvorak on Multi cores or something similar to that. This is how I would use them.

  1. I would have at least one core devoted to scanning my hard drive 24/7. Explanation: It takes about and hour to scan my 23.3 GB hard drive. It has a total memory of 52. Something GB so it’s about half filled. But if you had a 1 TB (Tara byte (1000 GB)) it would take you more than 10 hours.
  1. One core devoted to IM (Instant Messaging for those of you who aren’t so tech savvy) and programs like Skype. Explanation: Skype, for one takes up 99% of my computers processing power. Not that Windows Live Messenger takes up a lot but you know what I mean.
  1. Internet browsing. Explanation: Everyone’s on the internet. Some people have two plus windows full of tabs (depending on what version of the browser you’re using) open at once! That really slows you down when your trying to keep the thought you just thought up.
  1. Another core for internet security. Explanation: If you’re at a public Wi-Fi hot spot your at risk of being hacked. Anyone can get on a Wi-Fi network, encrypted or not, it’s just a matter of time.

That’s four cores, doable for the producers; there are a couple quad cores out now. It’s just the software that continues to lag behind. It used to be the other way around but not anymore.

This really doesn’t answer your question but this will.

Supposedly, if you have a Core 2 Duo your compute will be able to do two things at at time. Supposedly. Whether or not the software actually does take advantage of the extra core(s) is questionable. It’s really the software that will decide it for you, if the software can’t take advantage of the extra cores(s) then you can buy an octo core computer and it still wont run any faster than a Core 2 Duo. Although with the rapidly evolving software then you might want to just go ahead and buy a extra core or two.

Vista Desktops Under $1,000 Well this is all good and well but will the “Vista Compatible Desktops” be able to handle Vista? Sure they can but will they be able to take advantage of the Aero interface or the 3D navigation? Probably not. Besides, none of these come with monitors so you’ll probably be spending at least $100 dollars on that. So make that “Vista Desktops under $ 12,00”

How many cores? Quad cores and more An especially good article concerning multiple core PCs. The only problem is that none of the software can take advantage of more than one core at the moment. You can buy a Core 2 Duo PC and it will still run just as fast as your single core machine you upgraded from. If you don’t notice that similarity in the speed at first just wait a while, your old PC was probably used for at least 1+ year(s) so that will bog it down a little.

128GB flash drives for laptops in 2008 Flash drive Laptops are supposed to be very fast. This is great but have you ever seen one in a store? I know I haven’t. It’s 2008 so I’m waiting.

XFX GeForce 8800 GT-Awesome graphics card Very awesome graphics card for your Desktop computer. Now all you have to do is 1. Open your desktop if you have a desktop. 2. Find your graphics card. 3. Safely remove it. 4. Make sure you ground yourself before putting in the new part. 5. Put in the new part correctly.
Easy! NOT.

And another good Cheep PC. Sure Desktops are okay but here’s some downsides to them. They use much more energy than a laptop as I’ve said before. If you buy a laptop over a PC over five years the laptop will pay for itself in energy savings again, as I’ve said before. They are much better in the portability aspect, one year in FLL we lugged an older desktop into the tournament, since then we’ve used at least one laptop. Laptops are so much simpler, with a desktop you have to have a mouse, a keyboard if the speakers aren’t built in you have to have an extra set of speakers. You have to buy a external webcam, with a laptop you can buy one with a webcam built in. Laptops often have more USB ports. Upside to desktops. They are much easier to upgrade than a laptop, it’s virtually impossible to to a DIY upgrade for your laptop. Desktops often have more memory. Your best option is to go to Dell, or another website that lets you build a PC, build your own and have it shipped to you.


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