Building your website.

There are a lot of computer forums with people asking for help starting a website. This is my page on the subject. It’s fairly hard to build a website using HTML because you have to write code for every little thing. For example, just to bold text you have to put <b> in front of the text and then </b> at the end of the bolded text. It’s the same for italic text. You have to have <i> or <em> in front of the text and </i> or </em> at the end. It’s very complicated. And on top of that you might have to use different code to do the same thing just so that some browsers can read it. Another thing if you might have multiple pages. If you add a page then, if your not all that HTML savvy you will have to go into All the pages and change them. I, for one, prefer to use a WYSIWYG editor. It lets you manipulate your pages just how you are going to see it in any and all browsers. There are pluses and minuses to both. HTML lets you have more control over your page but a WYSIWYG editor, like on WordPress, which only lets you edit the content, you just see what everyone else sees. On most hosting websites (all hosting websites, as far as I know use a WYSIWYG editor unless you select otherwise) they will have a WYSIWYG editor and then another option for 1. inputing HTML code or 2. viewing the text/page your working on in HTML. This is all good unless you want to customize the page layout of color, or put in another row etc. Below I will have the code that can be copied into a Notepad document and then used to make a website. (use something similar if use a Mac) To start your website you need to have the following code: <html> <head><title>Your website title here</title></head> <body> Put everything you want to appear on your website here after you’ve erased this text. </body> </html> You can download the .txt file Here Once downloaded the file might have opened in Wordpad or a similar simple text editor. If so do the following:

  • Find the file and right click. Scroll down until you see Properties and click it.
  • Now under Type Of File you’ll see Opens With and to the right you’ll see a button that says Change… click it.
  • Once you have clicked Change… you’ll see a host of options. Click on Notepad, click OK and then click Apply.

Note. This will change the way all the files of this type open with.

    Before you can start seeing the changes you’ve made you will have to change the file type to .htm or .html depending on what works for your browser. To do this follow the instructions.

    • Under File click Save As…
    • after you’ve changed the file name (optional) put .htm or .html at the end and in the drop down menu select All Files.
    • Click OK

    To safeguard your HTML code you can save it as a .txt file under Save As… once your done working with it. If you do this you will have to then go under Save As… and save it as .htm or .html again. You’ll have to this every time you save it as a .txt file.

    A guide to HTML code.

    Every HTML tag has an open tag and almost every HTML tag has a close tag, An open tag is when you give your page a command, For instance, To make text bold you have to put: <b> Then all the text inside the open and close Bold tags will be bold, To stop text from being bold you have to put the bold close tag </b> To make italic text you have to put <i> or <em> This HTML tag makes italic text. To stop your text from being italic you have to put </i> or <em> You can also underline text with the tag: <u> This tag underlines the text between your open and close <u> (Underline) tags. To stop your text from being underlined you have to put </u> .You can also put multiple tags on the same paragraph, Sentence, Or word. For instance, You can make bold and italic text like this: <b><i> This is how you make text Bold and italic at the same time. to stop it from being bold and italic you have to put: </b></i>

    The open and close tag for Bold text.

    <b> put your own text between these tags</b>

    The open and close tag for italic text.

    <i> Put your own text between these tags </i>

    The open and close tag for underlined text.

    <u> This will make underlined text. </u>

    Text Sizes.

    <H1> makes a very big text size. (about this size) When you want to stop making the text big you have to put </H1>

    <h2> Makes about this text size. </h2>

    <h3> Makes about this size text. </h3>

    <h4> Makes about this text size. </h4>

    <h5> Makes about this text size </h5>

    <h6>Makes about this size text. </h6>

    Background Color.

    <body bgcolor=#FFCC33> will make yellow background color. For a list on colors and their hexadecimal value go to the following link: A List Of Colors To input this code just delete the tag and replace it with <body bgcolor=#FFCC33> Just change the letters (hexadecimal letters) to color of your choice. <br> will make a break in your text. Put two in succession to do something that resembles a new paragraph. <p> will make a paragraph. Put </p> at the end of the paragraph. <hr> will make a horizontal line. <a href=”http://www.lego.com” target=”_blank”> will make a link on your website to lego.com</a> you can change the link to suit your needs. NOTE! You have to have the http:// in there for it to work.

    OKay. Well I tried doing an HTML website and I didn’t like it very much. It was to hard to get everything right, make and keep the template the same, keep the left sidebar (where my links were) all the same, forget my page XP V.S VISTA etcetera. Definitely stick with a hosted website.

    I visited Vox.com and it’s not half as easy to use as WordPress. You only get one page. Not half as many options as you do in WordPress. It does have it’s advantages though, every hosting website will. The templates aren’t as nice as WordPress also. WordPress is the best so far.

    I started our with Zoomshare.com. It was a pretty good start, I guess. Fairly good features. Free email, games and a couple other things. I can’t remember if then it let me have more pages than the basic, Home, Blog, Links and Photos but now you can have up to 10 pages for free. You can also password protect the pages now, not only uing a password but a username to. WordPress only uses a password. Zoomshare also provides a file storage feature. But Zoomshare does put ads on your website. A big drawback. But it also has a free chat feature so you can put a chat room into you page (See my page Things to be aware of for info on the drawbacks of chat rooms)I then went to Freewebs.com and built a website there. (See the website I built here) Freewebs limited me to 10 pages I think and that’s why I came looking for a better website host. Freewebs also limits you page sizes, which was a huge drawback for me. Freewebs does have some good features though, the cursor was a neat feature. You can put a clock to follow your cursor and a couple other features. Though you have to have ads on your website. Here at WordPress you don’t have to have any ads at all. I have to say though, WordPress comes in first, currently, Zoomshare second and Freewebs third.

    I, pretty much stuck at WordPress. Check the below post and see why. I want to move but it’s SUCH a daunting task. I would have to move 20+ pages and 30+ posts (and I have to go into every post individually and copy ans paste them). Not very plausible eh? I could change website providers but it would take a long time but I could do it. I’m just not motivated.

    Once you’ve created a blog, such as mine, where you have had 200+ hits (Computerempire, another of my websites) it’s really indispensable. You can’t just pick up and move your site to an HTML page with a totally different URL with so many viewing it! I want to move my site but I have two problems. 1. I have way to many pages to do that on a regular basis, 2. There’s the URL problem. These don’t seem like big problems but they are HUGE! I wanted to move my site to a Microsoft Live Small Business but I had way to many pages to do it then find out I don’t like it. I guess I’m stuck here until I can find some way to convert all my files to a text file. Oh well.


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