March 17, 2008

Oh my gosh. To many options.

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I decided earlier today that I would make an HTML website. This sounds stupid but it really wasn’t. I had the makings of a page already, a template, CSS file, and I knew enough HTML to get me by. I want most of the features that are here at WordPress with more control over the look of my page. I realize that I can do that with the Edit CSS feature but it costs about $15 U.S dolors. That’s way to much for just that. But anyway. I was looking for a way to have a form on my website where people could email me about my site. The normal (<form method=”post” action=”mailto:emailaddress@wherever.com”etc) did not work for me. I then did a Google search for HTML form creators (which would hopefully work, i figured if someone else made it then maybe it would work) and I found a couple good results. The problem. One result was WuFoo WuFoo sounded great but it 1. sends all the comments to the WuFoo website and I can only create three forms before I can’t make any more. I got other results like htmlbasix.com and others but I finally figures it just wasn’t worth it. I’m not giving up, ho no, but it’s just this. I have a great website that is getting lots of views a day. If I were to change websites then I would be totally throwing away all this work and starting over again. The other reason was this. I now have 30+ posts on my home page. If I were to move my site then I would have to go into 30 individual posts and copy and past them. Not a good idea. I have tried moving my website to places like Google Page Creator, Microsoft Small Business and I have tried doing a HTML website before. None have worked.


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